If I flail enough...
Call me Hawky. Ace, fibromite, hick, geek, artist-craftswoman. Here comes nerdy shit, bitterness, excitement, obscure-ass fandoms and intermittent swearing. I dye and spin my own yarn, which I sell to cover my medical costs. My dad's codenamed Thor, I easily get lost in video games, I have "adventures" with the Roomie, aka B, and I love women who kick ass in whatever way they do it. People have compared me to Bossuet, Hermann, and Bones.

Why yes, yes I did crochet myself a truly awesome ace pride hat. It is wool and warm and now my best and most versatile hat. It can be all the sizes I could possibly need. Such as the size to fit over my bunned mohawk without looking like I have a mutant lump, as seen here.

Here’s the pattern I used, for anyone interested.

2 years ago
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    Going to make this right now! Holy cow that is awesome! :D
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    Man, I love how wearable our colors are
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    Because it’s all ace and awesome, of course. And my other hats are um… More eccentric, less blendy iny (new words), and...
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    Whyyyy is this the best?? :D